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In Production

Children of Noah:

Theocracy in the Holy Land

Animal sacrifices, a temple reborn, and theocracy on the doorstep — Children of Noah uncovers how a messianic movement in Jerusalem has gone global and the shocking mainstreaming of Jewish fundamentalism in modern Israeli society. 


In this investigative documentary, co-directed by American anthropologist Dr. Rachel Feldman and Israeli filmmaker Lia Tarachansky, we travel to Israel/Palestine, the USA, the Philippines, Mexico and India to meet the Children of Noah or Noahides as they are called. Spreading from Jerusalem, where theocratic activists are pushing for the destruction of one of the holiest sites in Islam to rebuild the ancient Jewish Temple, the activists  are transforming Jewishness and Zionism in unprecedented ways. Currently in production, the film follows the rabbis who are pushing for the Third Temple and proselytizing around the globe, as well as those who are choosing to make the leap into a brand new faith emerging from the Holy Land.


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