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Co-Directed by Lia Tarachansky and Kifah Adul Halim, 1948/2048 will be a hybrid interactive and feature documentary co-created with visionary change-makers in Israel/Palestine that designs a transcendent future for 2048. By partnering with organizations that use technology and design to envision a post-segregation future, 1948/2048 will create and reflect on processes of decolonization, collaborative transformation, and the common space.


The Bargain

Turning refugees into currency

in the Israeli-African arms trade

Israel/Palestine, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Lybia | 2017 | Directed by Lia Tarachansky and Zahra Moloo | 52''
In 2013 an entourage of arms dealers accompanied the Israeli Foreign Minister on a cross-African tour. Behind closed doors a deal was reached with several states. Unable to deport Eritrean and Sudanese refugees back to their home countries, Israel found a back door to international refugee law – deporting them instead to other African states in exchange for discounts on Israeli security technologies. This Arms-For-Refugees deal is now advertised as a success to other nations striving to rid their borders of asylum seekers. ‘The Bargain’ follows the refugees from Israeli internment camps to East Africa. It also follows the arms as they find their way into the hands of security forces, guerilla fighters, and militias and once again refuel the East African refugee crisis.
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