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Lia Tarachansky

Lia Tarachansky is an Israeli-Canadian journalist and filmmaker born in the Soviet Union. Her video journalism covered American politics, the Middle East, and Canadian-indigenous relations.


She has made over 200 short, experimental, and four feature-length films that range in style from investigative to experimental for BBC World, The Guardian, TeleSUR, and Naretiv Productions. Her films won awards and toured globally.


Lately she's been making multimedia like Augmented Reality and soundwalks, poetic shorts, and reading barely-comprehensible books for her PhD in Media Studies. She teaches at LIFT, Humber College, and York University. 


Jesse Freeston

Jesse Freeston makes films, videos and other story vectors out of his home base in Montreal. He is the host-filmmaker of the popular YouTube series Decouple Studios exploring the technologies that help unlock widespread human material dignity while minimizing the destruction of the non-human world. As a freelance shooter-editor he has worked for a variety of platforms including: Vice News, Politico, 60 Second Docs (Winner of the 2019 Webby Award for Best Documentary Video Channel) and as a member of the media team of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Ever since the 2009 military coup d’état Jesse has worked extensively in Honduras where he directed two independent documentary films: Revolutionary Medicine: A Story of the First Garifuna Hospital and Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley. He is a member of the Montréal filmmaker cooperative Makila and works in English, French and Spanish. Before falling in love with cinema Jesse worked as a video-journalist for teleSUR and The Real News Network. When not behind a lens or in front of a screen, Jesse is a fierce basketball player, mediocre improv performer, and believer in the sacredness of a great joke (puns included).

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